Thursday, November 18, 2010

I learned some new fashion related social media news from my WWD iPhone app

I usually receive the WWD newsletter that doesn't allow you to read full stories unless you pay for a subscription so I was so excited last night when I opened my WWD app and read so much new info I didn't, of course I had to share!

1.  Alice + Olivia has a new blog installment every Monday by clebs.  *It's a really fun site!

2.  Facebook is starting to have a lot of fun apps.  Try Vince Camuto's new app, The Shoe Closet.  It allows you to build your dream shoe closet and share it with your fashionista friends.  Just for playing with the app and sharing with your friends you get entered to win the "closet" you created!  How does it get better than that!?  Check it out at

3.  Check out the Outnet on Nov. 18th for an update to the site.  There will not only be a new logo, but you will be able to create wish lists which is a MUST for me.  And mark your calendar because Nov. 30th they are also updating the mobile version.

4.  New iPhone app to download: Kenneth Cole's, "Be Careful What You Wish For."  I've downloaded it and checking it out!:)

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