Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back 2 School

Usually it is so much fun for the kids back to school stuff to take over the stores...but, this year, I have not found any fun new items I have to have, or would want to share with everyone...After reading the Fashion Week Daily article about Staples working with Stella McCartney I figured this year had to be really good...But, I have been to Target, K-Mart, and Office Depot and I haven't seen a thing that has caught my eye...I will have to go and see what Staples has in store...hopefully it is better than the selection I have found so far...Office Depot has a new "fashion line" that is very generic with no real focus so hopefully it isn't the same...we shall see...
If you get a cash advance then maybe would have bling like Zilla Rocca Radio!

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