Tuesday, September 05, 2006

To Mall or Not to Mall

I have walked through a mall for the first time in soo long...it seems like a different experience from 2-3 years ago when that is all I was used to...I used to think that mall was generic and had no options for a shopper like me:) But, walking through the Chandler Fashion Mall in Phoenix, Arizona I found that everyone didn't look the same and the variety of stores went beyond the few department stores and Gap's that I was used to. There is hope for all shoppers to enjoy a mall...now, I am not the type to shop at a mall everyday...but, this will certainly be a shopping adventure for me that I will have to share with everyone...
I will share my findings during my visits to various malls...and how each compares...something like the Mall Chronicles by Fashionalities:)lol..it's not that serious...but, I think it is interesting...the shoppers, the stores...the atmosphere...Look at for more to come!

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