Sunday, September 03, 2006

Get lost in the fashion community on...

I love getting lost on myspace in the fashion community...there are soo many great finds on can find designers, faux fashion celebs, new magazines, fashion magazines, vintage and much more...get lost in the myspace world's not scary...try a couple of the pages below.
Fashion Magazine:
Fashion Boutique:
These Fashionista's share their personal Fashionality:
Fashion Personality: (I am not sure if these are legit..but, they are fun:)

Ok, that is A LOT I know...but, have some fun and go get lost in MYSPACE:) See, it's not as bad as people try to say it is...If you get bored at work or home, check out my friends listed on Myspace and find many more great fashion pages at

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Ostentatious Style said...

May add my myspace address?