Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brilliant Idea

I went to IKEA last week, which was exciting itself...and spied a great new decorating idea for all fashionista's! I know all of us want a dressing room; a place where we can display all of our clothes and twirl around in a mirror like it is our own private dressing room. Well, there is something that can be done...Buy two armoires/wardrobes and put a foot and a half in between the armoires. Hang a long mirror between the two armoire's and then get a curtain rod and place it about half an inch above the armoires. Finally add a fabulous curtain....IKEA used a sheer curtain, but I think anything would work...and voila, you have a fabulous changing area just for you...I think this could work for ladies in a dorm as well:)

The Wardrobe above is only $39 @ IKEA!


T.T. said...

waUU ! iS PERfect ! kISses !

Dominique Jackson said...

I have 2 Ikea wardrobes.

They do work well!!

Mine are kinda tall for me (9') but I needed the extra space so I bought as tall as possible to have rods above and below.