Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fashionalities Favorites

Storefront: Bee and Thistle

While in Portland, Oregon I found out that one of my favorite boutique, Bee and Thistle is on myspace!!!!!!!!! (To those people that don't participate in MySpace check out their site at: Everyone has to check out the myspace page, or the store if you are living in Portland or visit the store online...the owners and stylists know all about fashion and the store has clothes and accessories like shoes, purses and jewelry that everyone can easily afford and stand apart from the crowd...and there is not just Bee and Thistle...There is also Sole (which specializes in all things shoes:) and their discount store the Bargain Bee (which has the best deals). Kim, the owner and creator of Bee and Thistle is AMAZING and truly knows about trends and style...check out her site and ask her anything and I know she will be able to answer you:)

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