Saturday, September 16, 2006

Always a Classic

Ever since I got married, I have wanted something with my initials on it...I feel like that will always be a classic thing to do...although monograms were very "in" a while ago and are kind of "out" now...I still love the idea of having something with my initials on it:) Here are a couple of my ideas:

1. Of course I am dreaming of having a goyard bag with my initials on it, but I have already shared that;)

*I couldn't find an image with the initials on the bag, but basically the initials are hand painted on...I think I will get mine in yellow and white...or maybe just yellow:)

2. Until I get the Goyard...I am looking at two other options...option one:

The L.L. Bean Boat and Tote bag, which is cute and versatile and can go anywhere:)


I can't seem to find the image...but, I had read in a magazine about a year ago that Jack Spade had some plastic large black and white bags that look like the plastic bags that you can get in New York to lug things around when you are moving or buying lots in the city:) And they just add your initials to is pretty cute...just another option I may have to invest in until I get the Goyard bag...

I also want to use my initials on a round pendant on a gold necklace close to my throat/neck...I think it would be very classic with a cursive image for that until I get it done:)

These are just some things I am really liking right now;)

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