Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fashionalities LUCKY fashion Find

Style: Bal de Bulles

I was selling clothes at Buffalo Exchange in Portland, Oregon on Burnside the other day and I think I got VERy, VERy Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had a new obsession with finding and buying fabulous scarves...I think that scarves are a classic that every fashionista should own and wear...I went rummaging through the scarves while waiting my turn to sell my high school and college clothes that have been at my mom's house forever and I thought I found a PUCCI I grabbed the scarf with excitement I started examining for any hint of PUCCI markings to confirm I had an authentic...and to my EXCITEMENT I found that it may be an Hermès scarf...after examining the scarf thoroughly I came to the conclusion that with all of the detail in this lovely scarf and what seems to be all of the markings that are needed to confirm that this is an authentic Hermès scarf...I am sure that I got lucky and bought/traded for a mere $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An Hermès scarf that could be worth $350 or more!!!!!!!! It could even be VINTAGE! What a lucky find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to share this...My very first Hermès piece and it is only $3:) I will have to confirm that the scarf is real as soon as I am able to go to an Hermès store...we shall see what they say:) The next purchase will have to be a lot bigger to make up for this of course:) so ladies and never know what you can find at the second hand stores and thrift stores for that matter...some people just don't know what they have or just don't care for it:) "Other People's trash can always be other people's treasures"...or something like that, you get my point:)

P.S. You pronounce Hermes: air-may


Rebecca Lander said...

I found a pucci scarf for like 5 euros in a french junk market-i can't believe how much they throw out!

Anonymous said...

ps it's not air-may. It's air-mes. There is no accent on the second e, so it is soft. If you doubt it, ask them at hermes.

Anonymous said...

ps the grave mark above the e is supposed to make the s silent or mute. But, I did ask them at hermes and they said it is