Thursday, May 17, 2012

My new must-have: Sun Visors + a DIY

Visor trend

I can't believe I'm even saying I'm into a sun visor!  I hated them when I was in middle school.  But, that's probably because the doc advised I wear to cover my scar...oh well...almost 10 years later I'm finally into them:)  I actually got interested because I saw a lady rocking one at the YMCA while I was at my swim aerobics class.  It was raffia (something I'm addicted to right now) and from Target! I went right after class and picked up the last one!  Then, funny enough I connected with this PR office that works with Scala hats and they sent me a raffia sun visor with a cotton top portion.  Right away I thought DIY project was int he works!  This would be perfect to add brooches to.  Kind of like what the Marni for H&M hats did with their leftovers.:)  I thought you could use one large, statement brooch and just pin it on.  Or get a variety of smalls ones that go together and have fun with a variety. 
I'm also loving how people are styling them now...not so sporty.  I love how you can pair them with a dress or even a skirt set.  GENIUS!  Kind of like how people are wearing their baseball caps now too...It's all about trying something unexpected.
This is the Scala Sun Visor from the Raffia Reflection that I received from the publicists.  It comes in 7 different colors.  It usually costs $35, but they are offering a great deal where all of my lovely readers receive 20% off by using this link!  Or use promo code: ScalaVisor Enjoy!  Expires 6/30/12.  P.S. Even Conde Nast Traveler thinks these visors are a must have:)

The Target version is no longer available online...but, just in case you can find it in store I found a similar style on google images I thought I would share so you know what to look for.  It's by Merona and around $12 or so.

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