Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I ended up getting from my Instagram win from Calypso St Barths +Paige denim

I got the grey version of this and can't wait to pair it with a pair of grey jeans!
Who doesn't love a pair of straight leg, mid-rise dark jeans?  I'll be wearing these with everything!

I was so excited when I first won and didn't even care that I wasn't the number one winner.  (Who got to shop with the designer of Paige jeans:)  But, I was sooo excited when I found out I was getting way more than a tote bag!!!  I got to choose from about 3 pairs of Paige jeans in store and I had $200 to choose a top!  How amazing is that!?  And, I got to do it old school, in store rather than online.  I love their boutiques and the ladies helping me were so nice and just as excited as me for my win:)

Thank you all for the amazing experience and beautiful pieces I can't wait to wear!!

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