Friday, September 06, 2013

Give back with a piece from Satya Jewelry, plus an interview with the designer, Satya Scainetti

Snake: eternity & immortality 

I'm all about giving back with my purchase.  When I heard about how Satya Jewelry was donating 10% of proceeds from each Arm Yourself bracelet to Home of Hope, which provides shelter and education for exploited girls in South Africa I knew I had to share!

Here's the interview with Satya Scainetti | Designer/Co-Founder Satya Jewelry

Q.  How does the snake relate to this charity? 

A.  The snake itself is not related to the charity. We pick a different charity for each seasonal collection to highlight them.

Q.  Why did you choose the colors in the collection? 

A.  We always look in the market for the stones available this year emerald is the Pantone and color this year the black diamonds look beautiful with sterling silver. 

Q.  How did you get connected with this non profit (Home of Hope in Africa)? 

A.  Through my friend Gurmukh who teaches yoga all over the world. She met the women who started the home of home and we match out first donation.

Q.  How do you recommend styling these fab bracelets? 

A.  Layer them up the more the better!

Q.  What is your inspiration for your collections? 

A.  So many things inspire me. But I go to India at least once a year and last year I found a snake necklace that inspired me to make this collection.

Q.  Where do you travel for inspiration? 

A.  India, Thailand...really,  all over Asia.

Q.  What are your favorite blogs and magazines that you look to for inspiration? 

A.  I like all the fashion magazines.  I scan through all of them for inspiration.

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