Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The perfect match from Target: Clean & Cozy #targetwedding

I  was excited when I was asked to participate in the #targetwedding challenge to share the gifts my hubby and I would get and why even if they are very different items they work so well together.  My husband and I didn't have the expected white wedding so it didn't end with gifts at the reception celebration.  So, it was kind of fun to act like we were choosing the items that would be on our registry after 7 years of marriage and knowing each other so well.  I knew right away Kabir's item would be the Dyson because he is in LOVE with the brand.  We already own one and he is ALWAYS looking at getting a new one.  And, he LOVES when he comes home from work and sees vacum marks on the carpet:)

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

I, on the other hand love all things RELAX:)  I LOVE the idea of us relaxing together and cozying up with a throw blanket.  So, I thought what was more fitting than a throw blanket, candle and then a special extra for moi.  A wrap towel with paisleys and pompoms.  Perfection.

Perfect match; clean the house and then, get comfy and cozy and relax in the House of Rao.  Home Sweet Home.


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