Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A new approach to spa week at body +

As a member of the Hot Mom Spa Squad I was lucky to experience spa week (Oct 14-20) a few weeks early for FREE!  I've always participated in the festivities of spa week with friends.  But, we usually do the relaxing services like facials, massages and pedis.  Today, I got to experience spa week with a more beneficial approach at body +.  I had microdermabrasian for the first time and loved the experience!  I went into the experience thinking it might hurt or I might turn red and neither happened:)
This is Taylor, the lovely lady who worked on me:)
This is the diamond microdermabrasion tool she used.

The microdermabrasian service was followed with a red and blue LED light session for twenty minutes to benefit collagen and acne.  Taylor massaged my hands/arms for 10 minutes and then I was left to relax for 10 minutes and it was so nice!

These ladies were soo nice!  Great, personal experience!  

This service is perfect for a mommy on the go because you can make it a quick in and out in twenty minutes.  Or, you can do this before a facial or a peel.  Microdermabrasian is a great service to do once a month.

The location is offering 4 different services to choose from for $50 each!
*Elos Acne Laser Treatment with Bi-polarRadio Frequency and Blue Light Energy
*Painless ReFirme™ Skin Tightening Treatment
*4 Layer Vitamin C Enzyme Resurfacing Treatment or Microdermabrasion Treatment

Check out the spa week site for more pictures and information on the services.

My big beauty take away was Vitamin C all the way to build collagen production and make you glow!  I'm buying Vitamin C vitamins tonight and Emergen-C drinks ASAP!  (You can get free samples here:)

I can't leave out what I wore:)  I'm all about being comfy at spa services...so no makeup and hair in a top knot.  Shades are always a must and the ensemble is: Kimono (I'm addicted right now and it makes a pair of pants and a tank go a long way:), H&M black tank, Missoni pants and Missoni for Havaianas flip flops.

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