Friday, November 23, 2012

Introducing my new favorite fitness blogs

After having my first child, who is now 2 I became engrossed in hip mommy blogs.  I loved the idea of seeing other mommy's who weren't giving up their love of fashion as well as their identity after having their kids.  But, rather made it all work together.  Here is my list of go-to mommy blogs.  I would just add Oh Joy that I recently read.  Which, I've heard even ladies that don't have kids are reading now because they say that mommy blogs are the most relatable and feel honest.

Now enters the fitness blog...I would have never even thought of looking up one until I read the amazing article Chalkboard magazine wrote about them (they also have a really great fitness section!).  I can't wait to dive into these blogs since I am so into losing my baby weight right now.  With my first pregnancy I gained around the same weight and lost it through running which took around 6-8 months.  Now, we shall see...I've noticed that just 2 years has changed how my poor body reacts...I can now tell that I've left my 20's and have entered into the ow that hurts arena.  I've been doing my everyday run with the kids which I have to say is also pushing a stroller of least 50 pounds!  And my knee and ankle started hurting so I hadn't run in 2 days and felt like I was going to gain 5 pounds in those 2 days;)  Thank goodness I didn't.  But, here are the blogs I plan on following for encouragement and inspiration.  Hope they help you as well!

Side note:
Stylist June Ambrose is a great person to follow on twitter or Instagram to get her #stylefit posts sharing workouts and great, healthy recipes.

The Fitness Blogs:

-Fit Bottomed Girls-sounds exactly like moi:)
-Blogilates-already planning on trying their easy, healthy cookie recipe with just 3 ingredients, bananas, oats and raisins!
-Huffington Posts Healthy Living Blog
-The Fitnessista-a mom and a military wife!  Can't wait to see what she is all about!
-FitSugar-I already love their other sites so I can't wait to see their trendy, fashion perspective on staying fit.

Do you have any fit blogs you'd recommend?

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