Monday, November 05, 2012

Inspired by: The past & present collections of Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart is full of relaxed pairings that I would never have considered...but, after finding the label because they had used my fave Avarcas shoes in their most recent lookbook, I'm hooked!

I love the center/third look where it looks like a slit dress or you could use a slit skirt that maybe feels to high and layer with a fun print skirt or dress!

I am now going to be on the search for a short at the thrift store that looks like the one on the left and a large boyfriend blazer...both in linen...then, find a sexy loose tank with a great neckline detail from brands like Free People.

I have culottes like this and I'm planning on pairing it with a blazer and a skinny belt!  Genius!
Just love the color pairings.

It's amazing how loose fitting and how much layering is happening but the women still look so alluring.
Loving the cropped top with this.  Not even showing a lot but still sexy and showing off the waist.
Love the mixing of prints here and I want a jacket like this bad!
Just says Indian to me...I like the tunic top/dress worn with cropped pants.  Will be doing this a lot.  Comfy and chic.

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