Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Preggers Pause: Favorite Mommy Blogs

I know a lot of my readers probably aren't mommy's...but, I think we are still want to be fashionista's after having kids so I figured I would share some of my favorite mommy blogs right now:

*RockStar Diaries-She was in DC and just moved to NYC...she has a little girl and recently had a boy.

*Bluebird Blog-Just found out about this blog and I'm HOOKED!  Just entered an AMAZING giveaway for them today here.

*Hatch Collection blog called, Out and About-Hatch Collection is a line I plan on wearing after pregnancy...honestly I'm waiting for a sale to jump in on the amazing pieces:)  Until then, I check out the blog weekly.

*The Glow-It's a GENIUS blog/site that highlights women in the fashion industry that are mommies!  So much inspiration...from how they stay stylish and stay in their business and still keep a family.

*B Jones Style-She usually shares a lot about fashion and now is preggers so shares how she is styling her new baby bump.  ADDICTED!

*Justina Blakeney-I found this blogger on Pinterest and she is the epitome of style and edge with a bohemian all natural twist.  She just had her daughter and I can't wait to see her new posts now that she is a mommy!

Are there any I should add to my list?  There are so many great mommy fashion blogs out there now...I'd love to check them out:)

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