Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to rock sneakers like you'd never believe

Street Style

*via Vanessa Jackman
The ManRepeller from All The Pretty Birds
All The Pretty Birds

I've always thought that sneakers were just made for working out and it was such a BIG, HUGE, fashion NO NO to go outside in a pair of sneakers...well, except for Converse (that are worn in).  But, that has all ended...I'm now letting in vintage New Balance and Nike sneakers.  They've been gracing the street style blogs for a couple of seasons now and I've decided to give in.  Not necessarily for the comfort, but for the unique styling.  These sneaks are not paired with sweats, but unexpected dressier looks.

Here are a few looks I've found on Vanessa Jackman's blog and All The Pretty Birds (above).  And two blogs I've found that have the sneaker dressing down are Sincerely Jules and Lovely by Lucy.(below)

Sincerely Jules:

Lovely by Lucy:

The shoes you need:

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