Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My new mommy style

I was inspired by preggers blogger, B. Jones Style's post today about how she's expecting after having her baby.  She's 38 weeks a long now...she is thinking she is going to go grunge.  I can't wait to see the posts of how she dresses after the baby...I thought I would share an inspiration board for how I plan on dressing as a mother of 3...and while I'm working on getting my pre-preggers body back.  As many know, I like to focus on my waist with my dressing so none of my 50's vintage dresses or anything high waist is working right now.  Until it does (and they will:) I'm going for the relaxed, boho, Indian look.  Plus, jeans:)  Also, since I'm breast feeding the biggest problem is remembering I need easy access to feeding 24/7:)  I also found cool ways to make sweats look good;)

Mommy Style

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