Thursday, September 10, 2009

There are so many fun twists to fashion week this season!

If you are in New York, but not attending fashion week, here are a few ways you can get some fun deals:
-Fashion Week Daily is usually giving out pubs during the day.  (There are actually a lot of companies that are just giving out items in front of the tents.)
-I am thinking that SHARPIE is probably going to be giving out markers in front of the tents and not just in the tents, but we shall see.
-There are select locations on Saturday that YSL will be giving totes out for their YSL Manifesto.  I would recommend following them on twitter to get the exact date, time and instructions!  
-Ice Cream + Models + Free Swatches: I really can't wait to see what happens with this!  Tomorrow from 2-4 PM, an old school ice cream truck is going to present in front of the Bryant Park Tents showcasing the new QUAIL line (which I am in LOVE with!).  Select editors will receive a free SWATCH watch!  I will see what I can do:)  Here are the instructions for how to win:
How can you obtain one of these free Swatches? Follow @SwatchUS to get each code word tweeted to you.  Say the code word to one of the Quail models wearing a Swatch at theIce Cream Truck and you can win a free Swatch (while supplies last).