Thursday, September 10, 2009

VIVIENNE TAM is everywhere and I LOVE it!

I love her signature color palette. 

All of my blogs are kind of flowing tonight.  As you noticed, Vivienne Tam is going to be featured at the QVC show plus, I will also be attending her designer Spring 2010 runway show.  I am equally excited about both.  And the fun twist is that the QVC will be live on TV and, the Vivienne Tam runway show will be live via your computer through StyleCaster (my daily must-read I might add-sign up today!).  You can watch the entire Spring 2010 presentation, plus get a pre-show with celebrity, editor and personality interviews, hosted by Yuli Ziv from My It Things.  For some reason, every time I hear Vivienne Tam, I think HP/netbook...I need one REALLY bad!  That is my next electronics purchase:)
But, here is the video invite to the show, don't miss it, I know I won't!
Where: Your computer, Vivienne Tam on StyleCaster
When: Saturday, September 12th at 8pm EST