Thursday, September 10, 2009

Believe it or NOT: New York & CO. is on my list of MUST-HAVES for the Fall!

I just ADORE the styling here!

I still can't believe all of the items I have wanted and purchased since last month from NY & CO...I haven't purchased from this company that I used to LOVE the fit of their jeans since college...and, to be honest, I don't remember why I stopped...but, with the NEW LOOK that it seems Carson Kressley is making is mark on the brand.   And, now I LOVE the sizes...I seem to be really small in this line:)  And the prices...even if the item is near $100, they ALWAYS have some kind of promo going on!  But, I've noticed, the RED LABEL is what is really catching my eye which is only online...the great thing is they do take returns at the store so that helps.  The last time I went to return an item I got from online that I just didn't like the fit, I left buying two pairs of trousers for the same price!:)
I love the color of this shift!

I NEED this right NOW!  The dress above:)