Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rachel Zoe on QVC

During fashion week, I attended one of the QVC "fashion show" presentations. To be honest, the entire time my fashion friend who styles for and I watched the QVC runway we made comments on how we would have restyled everything. The styling was a little, ok very over the top for us. And, we really hope that the women that do watch aren't buying the looks right off the model---something which we actually do expect. Now, don't get me wrong, there were items which I will share with you in another blog that I would buy and are great's just they really need a new stylist.
But, I digress, the BIG thing to share in this blog is that I met Rachel Zoe and went BANANAS!!! I don't even think I said anything besides my name and blog:) I was TRULY GUSHING!!!! Everyone was wondering how she looked in person. She is small yes, but, she was fierce-everything was done to a T. And the thing that made me most happy is that although she is going through QVC to market her products, you know that someone was going through and styling each look according to ZOE! There was no tacky combo of way too many accessories that weren't telling a story like the majority of the looks I saw that night. And, although I wasn't one of the fashionistas to buy the items Rachel sold that night, I am going to be buying every item Rachel was wearing that night that will be sold in October. I have a sneak peek look below. The strongest quote from the RZ QVC was "Make casual look dressy; dressy looks casual," Rachel Zoe. I love it! Basically meaning make sweats dressed up with a silk tank and a gown casual with a leather jacket. Make sense?
OMG! There are people who don't know who Rachel Zoe is!? A shame...I was thinking that QVC really isn't her market...I think that she will get better sales from fashionistas shopping online...but, we shall see.
My scribbles during the RZ QVC presentation, take note free tips! Make sure you watch in October!

The Bracelets I have to have! They looks oh so vintage a'la India, no?:)