Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Designer Fashion Must-Have Site: Fashion Confidential

There are new sites popping up everyday for fashion and  you can seem to miss them if you aren't in the loop.  I just found this designer fashion site called Fashion Confidential  that I am gushing about!  I can't get over the top notch elements that the site has to is a mix of Net-a-Porter, Fashion Air and Shop Style for me.  I love the magazine/editorial section to the site where you can get Q&A with designers, get the style scoop from a Fashion Insider and get the Style Report so you can know what's "in."  Plus, there's more, there is an actual magazine for the site, 27 pages!  My favorite, "Grey Spell," teaching you how to wear grey...I LOVE this color and can't wait to finally get into my fall attire...alas, it is still over 95 degrees here in Arizona:(
Really great section---find out great tips on how to shop a Sample Sale!  This is really smart!
I could go on and on, but, I don't want to give everything up, check it out today!  You will LOVE the site!