Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get To Know The Owner of Fabulous Fashion Finds: Ashley Nobbe

I asked a couple of questions of the buyer, owner, designer and brand manager of Fabulous Fashion Finds to really find out how someone gets into such a cool gig like this:)  I also love to get inside a creative persons head and see what they are might be something we might not know about...and FYI, Ashley Nobbe's definitely has some things I didn't know about.

1.  What's the secret...where do you search for your fabulous fashion finds?

$$$That is the million dollar question.$$$ (That I bet we all want to know:)   Unfortunately I don’t kiss and tell.  My Fabulous Fashion Finds come from a variety of places. I hand pick only the best items and items that I think “could” be really cool once I am done reconstructing them.

2.  How did you decide to start your own business?

I graduated from college 6 months ago with a degree in Marketing. I started looking for work and due to the economy NO ONE was hiring. I started to flip out till one day I thought to myself, “ Do what you love to do for yourself” So I started with 10 samples of  vintage items I had previously reconstructed for myself and after those sold  I did another 10 and  then  I just kept going till Fabulous Fashion Finds was born.

 3.  Do you do anything on the side, or is Fabulous Fashion Finds your only job?

Yes, I also own an accessories line called Poodlies.   Right now my hot item is these feather headbands I make by hand. I use vintage buttons and beads, so they are each one of a kind. I just expanded the line to carry hand made jewelry, which will also use vintage finishes and fabrics.

4.  Why did you choose Etsy for your store online?

Etsy has been my secret shopping source for years. There are so many talented designers on there.  I am just thankful that I am able to sell on a site that features so many talented designers.

5.  Do you have plans to open your own store?

I definitely want to expand FFF.  I love the online business though; I can work from my studio in my favorite vintage house dress and sell my clothes to people all over the world from behind the curtain of my computer. 

FFF is actually open to the public.  I have a studio in my home where girls can come and shop by appointment. Lots of girls from Miami (where I am from) come and shop with me on a weekly basis. 

My goal is to eventually have a large industrial space where I can do all my sewing in the back and have my store in the front, but no matter what I will always be 50% online. I shipped to Finland today; I mean how cool is that?

6.  I saw in one of your blogs that you were looking for a vintage coffee table...where do you find antique furniture?

I travel a lot and am a pack rat, so I have acquired quite the collection of things over my travels. I also lived in a really cool college town where there were lots of antique furniture shops.  I also LOVE estate sales.   If you ever see an estate sale GO!   It is so worth it.

7.  How would you describe your style?

Romantic, girly, sparkles, drag queen! I love sparkles and anything that has glitz. I also love the slightest hint of a costume in an outfit.  My signature look is a dress or a skirt. I own maybe 2 pairs of jeans which I never wear.  I like things that flow and that are SHORT ;)

8.  Where are your fave places online to shop? ß Great for up and coming indie designers

9.  What are your fave stores to shop?

I love boutiques and vintage stores.  I love to mix current looks with vintage wear.  One of my favorite vintage stores is in New York City. It is called Opera Vintage. They have an amazing collection of vintage clothes and furniture and there prices are very reasonable.  Best of all, all the proceeds go to the New York City opera.

10.  Who are your favorite designers, why?

My favorite designer/ stylist is Patricia Fields.  I think she is a breath of fresh air. Her style and line is amazing. She is girly/ edgy and is not afraid to mix new with vintage clothes. I also love that she is an older woman and refuses to dress like one.  If she wanted she could turn a paper clip into a fashion statement.

I also love a line called Otis & Maclean. I love their dresses.

11.  Who do you like to check out on Etsy?

I like to just browse. I usually type in “vintage mini dress” and get a variety of different sellers.

12.  What are your favorite blogs and magazines?



3. Nylon



6. Vogue

13.          Who inspires your fashion choices?

History. I think looking at past eras is a great way to find inspiration for potential designs. I love looking at past shows and photos and seeing what other designers have done. 

I also get inspired by Stevie Nicks and Carly Simon. I love there look in the 70’s, Eclectic bohemian woman with long flowing hair and strong souls.

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