Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a Glossy Situation

I have some new gloss loves...Two years ago all of my lip glosses were LOST by my airline which handled all of my LOVES because I couldn't make it past security with them.  Alas, I have been building up my collection and a couple of weeks ago I got three new lip glosses that have made me soo excited!  I have made up for the wait with the new MY LOVE Hello Kitty M.A.C. lipgloss which I got in Mimmy and Nice to be Nice(right now shipping is FREE online).
Then, I had to HAVE Labello after reading every fashionista has and COVETS this lipgloss/chapstick I had to find it...they are not sold in Tucson and I had no idea where I could find it online so I went to the best of the best, eBay and found my must-have for less than $5 including shipping.    I am now addicted to this chapstick---if anyone knows where it can be found online, let me know:)  (+) right now, it is the companies 100 year anniversary!  The labels are get it now!