Friday, February 06, 2009

Take Note: Fashion Programs

I am excited about reading about the new fashion programs to hit the airwaves:
Bravo's The Fashion Show...supposed to be like the Project Runway that they channel lost.  I can take two fashion designer programs a week:)
It looks like everyone is spinning off from The Hills...Kelly Cutrone from People's Revolution (*where my past intern just got hired, YAY! Renee:) and the show will be all about the PR world and women in the workforce doing their thing.  As we know from The City, Kelly keeps it real so we might actually get "reality" out of this:)  Hope to see you on this Renee!  P.S. this will also be on Bravo.
America's Next Top Model-Can we ever get enough?  NO:)
The Rachel Zoe Project is back and taping as I write...I am soo excited Bravo brought the show back another season.
I am excited to read on Fashionologie that there are talks for House of Style on MTV to come back!  Finally!!!!  That was one of my first and most fave shows and they just let it go and didn't even replace with a new and improved fashion program on MTV...just all of the many reality shows now...oh well, no need to complain now, it's coming back...