Sunday, April 27, 2008

Summer Must-Have: White Trousers!

I have been on the search for the perfect white trouser...perfect meaning, the right price!  Why pay tons of cash on pants that you expect to get dirty?  How can white stay perfect for more than one summer?  I don't care who you are or how much bleach you use the perfect white pants will get dingy and dirty after a couple of wears.  So, to get to the point, I found the white trousers that everyone needs at, (drumroll) TARGET of course:)  Merona has the perfect white trouser for only $24.99, so worth it!  And, I would say that if you LOVE them as much as I do go back at the end of the season and buy them when they are on sale for even cheaper for next year.  That is planning ahead:)

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Carlo said...

Good Job! :)