Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring is in the Air and Kind Of Passed by in Arizona...but, I am sooo excited ABOUT the new Wardrobe to Start And Work With!

There are so many trends these days that I think it is all about what catches your eye...I for one, love everything, high-low shopping, online shopping, ebay shopping, and thrift store shopping.  I do it all...and with styles...I want a cigarette pant to a wide, wide leg are a couple of styles that I have found so far that I wanted to share.
I am still going crazy over skirts, skirts, skirts, but I either prefer them at knee length or to the floor...I do not do mini's by any means...I love prints on skirts, skirts with bows and skirts with pockets...there are so many skirt styles to rock that the list goes could one ever get bored?  
I have been looking for sailor style denim pants recently and found them at Neiman's by J Brand Jeans.
I am LOVING the Safari Style dress right now...anything safari just gets me going...I think it is so chic and timeless.   This dress also comes with a belt which I think is essential still for the season...I love cinching my waist it just makes anything look AMAZING! 

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Vladimir said...

Wow this spring summer collection is simply awesome.I really liked the red colored skirt, I wish to buy some thing like that for my girl friend.