Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love affair with straw hats + eugenia kim

This book is on the way and I should have it by Saturday, funny enough.  I am hoping that this is what I'm expecting and will allow me to do some DIY fun with hats since Eugenia Kim hats are a little too expensive for me to buy more than one.  I just bought a straw fedora at the Dollar Tree and can't wait to see if I can create a feather trim hat with directions from the designer  herself:)  We shall see how that goes.

Here are a few of the hats I'm LOVING right now!
Bianca feather-trimmed straw fedora (I really, really want this one...I spied it on Instragram on Satine Boutique's posts.  They have the best outfit inspiration posts EVER!)

Eugenia Kim - Craig (Natural) - Hats (This is the hat I want to use as my inspiration for my first-ever DIY feather fedora.  Lets see how it goes:)

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