Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Introducing the City of Roses very own Indie Designer, Justine Mutchler

This is the robe I saw Justine (the designer) rocking and fell in love!

It's always exciting to find new boutiques and people watch in Portland.  I always find something that inspires me.  This time I was at an outdoor movie in the park and spotted a fashion maven rocking a jacket (robe)  I had to learn more about.  I approached her and was excited to find out this amazing piece was designed by her!  Brilliant!  I'm getting one and had to share!  The exciting thing is that they are basically one-of-a-kind pieces since the designer, Justine (who has an amazing eye) chooses the fabrics and designs from that.  Ok, I can keep sharing how amazing the designer is...but, I'd love for you to read the interview below and learn a little more about Justine and her designs.

Here's where to find her:
Blog on Tumblr, Get ready to be inspired!

Q: How did you come up with this style, what is it called?
A: The Boubou. It’s inspired by a traditional West African gown.  
Q : How do you style it?
A : The Boubou can be worn with almost anything in your closet.  If your style is more causal, put it on with some sandals and a romper. If you want to dress it up, you can throw on a dress and some boots. I also wear mine around the house. It looks good, it’s comfortable and it’s versatile.
Q : What inspires your designs?
A :  I get a huge amount of inspiration from traditional ethnic clothing. I have always been attracted to foreign patterns and raw fabrics from around the world.  Indian textiles and architecture have always influenced my style greatly but are not my only inspirations.  I am stimulated by Moroccan prints with vibrant dyes, the traditional female headdresses of Djibouti and Ethiopia, as well as Japanese silk Kimonos and Chinese Hanfus. I am fascinated by all types of leather work, jewelry and Native American printing as well. My interests are rather eclectic and varied - I just like the thought of using exotic textiles and forms to create unique and timeless pieces. 
Q : How do you choose your fabrics?
A : Fabric shopping is often times the first step in my design process.  Almost every one of my designs was inspired by a certain textile or print. Bold, geometric prints have been jumping out at me recently. I’m very attracted to anything with texture and dimension.

An example of how the process goes with choosing the fabrics.
Q : Who would you love to be wearing your pieces?
A :  Anyone adventurous and free spirited!
Q : Which store do you see your items in?  I can so see your jacket at Free People.
A : Thank you! Free People would be a great spot! I would be honored to have any brand accept one of my designs.
***I love to find out where people are hanging out in Portland:). There are soo many cool places to try:). 
Q : What are your favorite places to shop in Portland?
A : Compound, Rock and Rose, Threads Count, Yo Vintage… and of course GoodWill! I’m also a vendor at Red Fox Vintage, come check me out - #39!
Q : What are your favorite places to eat in Portland?
A :  Nicholas – the best Lebanese food you will ever eat. Prasad is another great one – creative and high quality, organic vegan cuisine.
Here are a few of her other designs below.  She will be selling on Etsy soon.  Follow her via her social media accounts to see when items are available.  

These are her recent designs.  Halters inspired from Indian Ghagra tops.

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