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How to work with oils in your hair: An Interview with Alejandra of ABloom Salon in Phoenix

I remember when I was younger and I used to get my hair "greased" once a week.  It was a tradition that took place either after washing my hair or mid week when my hair began to forward to my hair being relaxed and I HATED any oil or grease hitting my hair because it made my hair look flat and didn't allow it to blow in the wind:)  Well, all of that nonsense is gone and I now wear my hair natural which allows me to live in oils...which I LOVE!  I'm always trying new oils out and was super excited when I found out there was a salon in Phoenix that specializes in OIL!  How GENIUS!  Well, you know I had to interview the owner and find out some cool ways to use oils in the hair:)  Here is the interview with Alejandra of ABloom Salon.  I'll share my experience going to the salon soon:)

Q.  What made you start to focus on oils for the hair and of the ones you like to work with, what were their benefits?

A.  I began using and learning about cold pressed oils a couple of years ago.  Being a conscious hair stylist, I could no longer support the mass consumerism that most of us are sold in this beauty industry.  I now am a proud owner of Abloom Salon,  a holistic place of beauty where we use organic products and happily teach women and men about natural beauty care!  At Our Raw Beauty Bar you can custom blend the perfect formula for your scalp hair and skin. I continue learning from herbalist and other natural beauty care experts!

Q.  Since we live in AZ, what do you recommend using for dry hair from this dry weather?

A.   I recommend spraying your hair with a mixture of half aloe Vera juice, brewed green tea, and a tablespoon of almond oil, when your hair is damp! It gives it tons of vitamins and seals in the moisture and provides lots of nourishment to the hair!

Q.  How should the mustard oil be applied?  I shared a picture of the mustard oil I was going to use on instagram and everyone wanted to know.  I wasn't sure and mainly focused on the scalp and then a little on the ends.  Followers also asked how long it should be left on.  I know you had said other oils could just stay in...but, I was curious if this was different.

A.  mustard oil treatment 
1.  On dry hair, brush scalp from roots to ends with a natural bristle brush.
2.  Warm the oil and apply to the scalp, cover with a towel, and leave on for 15-30 minutes.
3. Rinse well, or lightly wash roots out with d.i.y shampoo or organic plant based shampoo, towel dry and condition ends as usual.

Q.  After my hubby and I apply our oil over the weekend, we leave the oil on the majority of the day and then we wash our hair.  I know you had shared how oil can just stay in the hair and even just be rinsed with water and left alone.  My husband uses shampoo.  What would you say is the best way to do it?

A.  Let's talk hair thickness(density) and texture for a minute..
Thick wavy to curly hair can absorb and even look less oily. So for that reason people with thick hair can get away with just rinsing well, and air drying.
Finer less dense hair will look flat and oily, and most likely will want to be washed out.

Q.  I run everyday and was wondering what you recommend for cleaning after sweating so much.  Do you still think there is no need to wash?  What are your thoughts on co-wash?  

A.  After sweating I recommend rinsing well with warm water and scrubbing  your scalp with the water as if you were washing it. This will break up the dirt and will cleanse the hair. Condition and style as usual.

Q.  You were recommending massaging ones hair at least once a day for 5 minutes.  How does this benefit the hair?

A.  I recommend massaging and or brushing your hair once a day with a boar bristle brush, this stimulates your scalp and keeps your follicles healthy. Also balances sebum production so that your scalp isn't producing too little or too much sebum. 

Q.  Where do you recommend buying the oils used in ones hair?

A.  As much as possible, buy locally, when that's not available find a source that is organic, and Eco conscious. 

Q.  What do you think of castor oil? 

A.  Castor oil is incredible in its ability to  deeply nourish the scalp.  Personally, I like Wheat germ oil!  Obtained from the germ of the wheat kernel, it is the richest source of Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil.  It also has a high content of vitamin A and vitamin D. It is rich in protein and lecithin. It is very popular for external application due to its beneficial effects on the skin. It penetrates to the hair folicle, as well as coating the hair with a protective layer, making it excellent for a sunscreen! So if your hair is breaking, falling out, you have dry scalp both castor oil, and wheat germ oil are excellent choices. 

Q.  What oils should ever curly hair girl own?  

A.  3 oils, Almond oil, because it is hydrophobic which is excellent to use as a pre wash...if you are washing your hair and it also protects hair from sun damage. jojoba, because it reduces frizz, and of course coconut oil because its light weight, affordable and great for more than just beauty care!

Q.  Curly hair is totally different from straight do you recommend a curly hair girl use oils? 

A.  Alone, or in combination with the following: 
1, mixed with flax seed gel, 
2, mixed with Shea butter
3, as a replacement for the gels and un natural hair care products that some of us still use. 
4, as a pre wash, so that you don't excessively dry your hair
5, mixed with an avocado and a bit of honey as a moisturizing conditioning treatment
Setting your hair is KEY to working and understanding your curly hair. YOU TUBE this! So much info on natural curly hair!

Q.  How can oil get rid of the brittle curly hair?

A.  It is an emmoliant, meaning it seals in moisture, so if you apply it on damp hair, it really locks in the moisture, and seals it into the hair itself. It adds vitamins, minerals, as well as some are high in omegas when used as a conditioning treatment.

Q.  I have twins that are 10 months.  What type of oil do you recommend for babies?

A.  all oils are wonderful, I used coconut and jojoba on my little ones, with just one factors to consider: 
 how does your babies skin respond to the oil? Yes, some babies have allergies to a variety of ingredients. On my children I use whatever I am using on me, so currently I have macademia nut oil  mixed with a bit of sweet orange essential oil. But babies skin is so perfect that it rarely needs anything at all

Q.  What is the recipe for the detangling spray?

A.  Make a tea, using marshmallow root and green tea, let it cool. Add Aloe Vera juice, so it makes up half of the mixture, add 1tbls of jojoba oil, and if you want a little extra shine, drop in a bit of honey.. I recommend playing around with the formula adding more marshmallow root if your hair is very tangled and requires more slip. Adding sage if your a brunette, camomile if your a blonde etc.

Q.  What are some other tips people should know about oils? 

A.  Oils can be mixed into your current hair regimen, for added shine and the Oils will seal in moisture, so remember to apply it on damp hair and skin, and have fun experimenting with less un natural products! 

If you like abloom salon's face book page, I give advise, and offer tons of tips!

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