Sunday, February 03, 2013

Pregnant Pause...well, kind of

Well, I'm def not preggers anymore and I've lost a majority of the baby weight (yay!). But, I am still breast feeding and plan on doing it as long as possible. With that said I can't go back to all of my fab clothing yet because I keep leaking (I know) and need to keep access to the jugs in mind. Doesn't sound very exciting, Hugh?:). Most people opt for button down tops and dresses and others get creative with layering cotton tees and tanks. But, I get bored and need more options:). So, I was excited when a maternity brand called, Seraphine contacted me and wanted me to try out their maternity line. I happily told them I was no longer preggers and they told me that their line is all about being used after as well. I thought it was a genius idea and wanted to test it out. I ordered a boho mixed print maxi dress. First of all the fit is great as far as working after being pregnant. And the big test on if I can breast feed in it passed as well. I got excited to see it was made in India and the same style dress was worn by Jessica Alba while she was preggers (for anyone who cares:).
Since I line in AZ I also think it would be fun wearing my faux fur vest or my denim vest with it. I also think it will be great alone. I can't wait to play with this dress a lot!

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