Monday, February 11, 2013

Aritzia is now selling online

I know...they've been doing it for a while now...but, just in case you didn't know.  We are still waiting on H&M to join the club now that everyone is entering the online world of shopping.  But, I'm excited Aritzia is here after I found them in Oregon two years ago.  Plus they have an online magazine and they are having a SALE!  What can get better than this!?:)  Here are a few items I'm loving on the site right now.  Have you shopped here yet?


Ok...reviewing the site and it doesn't look like everything...the trendier items are on the site...

This is a Canadian brand that knows how to put the casual cool look together.  I love when I'm inspired by the styling a site or brand has for the pieces they choose for their store or label.  I think I need this's really comfy but still flattering.  

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Dj Mordia said...

Great collection of casual women's trousers..