Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One more day until Duro Olowu hits JCP stores!

Not usually a shorts person...but, these look cool and LOVE the paisley jacket!
Just looks so timeless and chic.  Needs to be in my wardrobe!
This looks like it is going to flatter the body so well!
What can I say?  Mix prints and paisley included!  I'm in LOVE!

I'm BEYOND excited for this collab!  Not only are prices less than $100, there will be shoes, clothes, accessories and home accessories!  I'm not sure how I'm going to control myself.  I guess I will get what I HAVE to have now and then just keep stalking the store for when the sale hits and then get it ALL:)  LOL!  Watch out Target' JCP might be my new go to for collabs since they will now have:

Lulu by Lulu Guinness
William Rast
Charlotte Ronson's, I heart Ronson line

Don't miss out, it will be in stores March 1st!  Great way to start spring!
Stay tuned on my instagram for up-close shots of the pieces that I fall in LOVE with on the 1st!  I'm under @fashionalities 


NadiaThinks said...

I'm very excited too! :)

NadiaThinks said...

super excited!!! it'll be the only reason i've stepped in a JCP in months, so they were super smart to do this!