Monday, April 30, 2012

Tips to have great results with henna for the hair

Bought this at the Indian store.
The mix after coming out of the fridge the next day.
My hair after applying the henna. 

Since I'm preggers I figured I would have some fun with my hair that is natural and healthy and actually a great conditioning treatment.  It feels amazing having someone else apply, so I would recommend asking a friend or family member to assist.  My sister-in-law said that in India, people come to your house to apply henna for you...sounds amazing!  
Here are a couple of notes I took while my sister-in-law applied the henna to my hair (thanks Tashoo!!:):

*Will know if it will be a good color if the henna hits fingers and turns a good red right away.
*Mix henna night before with tea and coffee for color and put in fridge.  Use metallic bowl for extra use foil in bowl.
*Make sure and use a towel and an old shirt you don't care about.  My sister-in-law says that it does wash out of cotton items just fine.
*Recommended to apply outside to have sun exposure to allow to dry out in hair and sun makes color come out better.  20 min in sun till "crusty".
*Henna is a natural conditioner...but for thicker/dry hair add a splash of olive oil for extra conditioning.
*Let it sit for 4 hours at least.  As long as possible so the color works best.
*Should just grow out with your hair and doesn't fade like hair color...but, goes away like highlights.
*This is a fun option to use when you have a few grey' gives a great highlight to them.
*When rinsing using cool water to avoid stripping the color.

Sadly, the photos I took after weren't showing the color just right.  But, I do love the results and I know they will get better with time since I live in such a sunny climate.  The only bad thing is I still have a lot of henna washing out in the does get messy:)

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