Saturday, April 21, 2012

My renewed love affair with LUSH

I was at the mall today and finally got to venture into LUSH today and found I am hooked again.  I used to LOVE LUSH when it wasn't in every mall in America...I used to shop at one in London when I lived in England. 

What I bought today:

Vanilla Puff Powder: It's already hitting the 100's and I hate to sweat, so I figured why not try out an all natural powder with my favorite fragrance, Vanilla:) 

Angels on Bare Skin: I am testing this out...but, I already know I'm going to LOVE it!  It's ground almonds and lavender and's a daily light exfoliant with other all natural ingredients that are perfect for combo skin.

Sweet Lips: I usually like to create my own lip scrubs, but this is GENIUS!  They caught me while I was heading out:)  You just apply on your lips and move around then, you can just lick off!  And this is yum!:)  I'm going to just carry this in my bag:)  Deep scrubs can be done at home when needed:)

Therapy Massage Bar: This was recommended to me for my tummy to prevent stretch marks...I thought it just felt nice and smelled good to...I love anything with shea butter anyway:)

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