Friday, April 06, 2012

Everyone is excited about Beyonce's new website, here is where you can find some of her amazing clothes: Camilla Franks

I like many others was all over Beyonce's new site yesterday.  Mainly her tumblr page sharing pics from her life and style.  I LOVED all of her cover-ups on her travels.  A fashion friend on Twitter said that she loves Camilla Franks (I think this is the brand Kim and her mommy like as well).  So, I figured I'd share some styles that caught my eye from the designer and cross my fingers that some of my fave Beyonce styles were still available.

Beyonce rocking Camilla Franks

Beyonce rocking Camilla Franks by fashionalities featuring tunics

Ok, after watching this even more ADDICTED!  Need, want, have to have!!!

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