Friday, April 06, 2012

Pregnant Pause: Maternity wear by HATCH that everyone will want to wear!

I have to be honest...I always seem to be preggers around spring/summer which makes me pout because I can't wear any of my cute summer dresses, boohoo...last night, I came across a fairly new maternity line that fashionistas in NY that aren't even preggers and haven't been are rocking! Check out Refinery 29 to see pics of this:)

The line is genius and I'm so excited about the inspirational styling and the pieces I want to get my hands on:). Here are some of the pieces I'm gushing over:)

P.s. love their blog too!!!

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Glee said...

wow, loving these trendy maternity clothes. I will definitely check these out when we get our first baby next year, God willing.

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