Friday, December 03, 2010

Share your style inspiration with Lucky Magazine

I'm always writing about what inspires everyone's style so I was excited when I flipped to the last page of the December Lucky magazine and read that they will be adding 'the style icon' to their monthly roundup of specialities in the magazine.  Basically you have the opportunity to send in who your style inspiration is and you might get the chance of being in the mag (submit nominations including a pic, contact info, and a brief reason why their style is so inspiring to at least the person who inspires you will:)  I am starting to notice that magazines are leaning more towards the "real" woman to highlight in issues and leaving the model-esque woman behind...thoughts?

Although many may say mom is my style icon...she has always gone with what she felt expressed her style regardless of what the trend might have been in any season or year for that matter...and the funny thing I have noticed growing up is even if no one else is rocking the style a couple seasons before...the trend always seems up showing up a little after my mom has rocked cheers to her for always owning her style no matter what people think!

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