Thursday, December 09, 2010

The watches I never knew about from FOSSIL

For some reason I never stepped foot into any Fossil store because I thought the watches were all very casual...which, really isn't my style...although I really don't wear watches for time...just for accessory of course I rarely go shopping for them...but, for some reason, I received a catalog in the mail for FOSSIL and the ad caught my eye so I started flipping and found out that there are A LOT of watches I would rock from them.  I'm not holding back, so excuse the many images.  Plus, the price is great at about $100 each (ranging from $95-105)

I love the clear for this watch!  I could do without the rhinestones though...

I LOVE rose gold!  I wanted to get the Michael Kors watch for $250...but, I might have to get this one instead...will have to go and see this in person.  Only $95!

I LOVE the white with the rose gold!  So chic!

I LOVE all things tortoise!  I could do without rhinestones again though:)

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