Saturday, December 11, 2010

The items that caught my eye at COACH today

We were Christmas shopping today and I was surprised at the AMAZING prices and styles at COACH today...I'm always on an on again, off again relationship with COACH...but, I will always look at them as the first "designer" bag I ever owned.  Although I would never wear the coach labeled bags anymore...I really LOVE the new blogger styled bags...they catch my eye with the styling...they have a feeling of the Marc Jacobs edge without the higher price point...and the jewelry is starting to have the whimsical Kate Spade feel, once again without the high price point.  My sister-in-law even told me that they had sent her a 25% off coupon!  It can't get any better than that!  I've also decided I need to go to a Coach outlet...I remember I was digging a collection I saw during my babymoon in Hawaii in June.

Here are some of the items that caught my eye today:

kristin leather pleated satchel
*I wish they had done this bag in taupe and gold...but, I guess I wasn't one of the bloggers to share my thoughts...yet:)

cambria tartan flat
On Sale for only $69

new poppy cupchain four strand bracelet
I'm in love...too bad this is so much at $228:)

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