Thursday, July 01, 2010

Video Diary: Rachel Roy | RACHEL Rachel Roy

I have always been inspired by Rachel Roy's style and having two daughters and doing her fashion thing!
Rachel is getting my fave flowers here, she gets threading done like me, she's on The City (one of my fave shows!) and more:)

Here are some exclusive Q&A with Rachel Roy and check out more of the "insider" videos from Rachel Roy's team on Youtube and be inspired!

Rachel Roy Q&A

What is your advice to other women looking to achieve your unique, stand out style?
Know yourself well. Have the confidence to wear what you want and wear it well. Experiment with unique colors and prints.

How do you balance life as a mother and a designer?
Balance needs to be worked on daily. Without a constant focus on what is truly important it will get lost every time.

What are your favorite RRR pieces for summer? What makes them your favorite?
I absolutely love the evil eye pendant. Evil eyes are loved for karma and the good energy they bring. The black scalloped shorts are a perfect combination of ease and sophistication. The Koala animal ring is fun, I always love a good cocktail ring. The printed flats with gold studs are comfortable, unique and so chic. I love the honeycomb scarf worn as a turban. And everyone always needs a cardi and my summer collection has so many different cardigans to choose from.

What is the main difference in designing for RRR compared to RRNY And RRS?
RRR is the younger sister to the designer brand. She’s fun and optimistic. I always look forward working on different collections as they bring new life to what I am working on.

What inspired you to start this video diary series?
I love watching documentaries and reading about people’s lives. These flip videos are the modern version of this. It’s also fun getting a look inside the lives of these unique designers.
Check out this video for more great ideas of what Rachel is all about:)

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