Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Just the right fit

CONFESSION: I have been wearing a 34B since the first day I put a bra on...which was a trip to Victoria's Secret with my mom and sister.  Needless to say, I've never had a proper fitting or questioned whether this was the right long as my boobs looked a little bigger in a water bra, under wire, or demi cup I was good:)
Alas, since being preggers I have gone through dramatic changes from a larger cup size to a larger band size!  EEK!  What to do!?  It all seems to hurt and I am just not loving it...I also hope that after I am done with the pregnancy I am able to use these fab new brassieres I have purchased...
In Portland, Oregon I went to a fab lingerie boutique called Oh Baby where they took me through a variety of styles that would work with my growing body.
Then, the AMAZING book, The Bra BOOK came out with so many tips that take you from all stages of your bra life:)  This books is a perfect gift to a young girl starting to wear bras to someone who just can't find the best "fit" help at your local department store or Victoria's Secret.
What you get from the book:
~the "science" of your bra---breaking the bra down, part by part.
~there's a bra for every occasion and find out which to use and why...
~with this tool you are now the expert...don't you hate going into a bra store/section and not knowing if the person who is helping you knows what they are talking about?  Now, you don't have to worry.
Get the book and enjoy!

I've recently found some great new bra's I am in LOVE with and had to share!
Bacini is my new lingerie LOVE!  I fell in love with the brand because of a top that Klo from Downtown Girls on MTV wore episode 5.  I am buying this bra for comfort, but it's also has the trend elements I need with lace and the color taupe.  Plus, it's ONLY $40!  These are great layering pieces.
*UPDATE!  7/25 SWIRL is having a sale on Bacini bra's this week and they are ONLY $25!!  Stock up, use this link to access the sale!  
Then, my budget bra is cute too!  Maidenform's new Charmed line.  What's available online now is just the preview, but the prices are great because they are already on SALE!

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