Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to School Must-Haves at TJMAXX

I still remember packing for college and personalizing my dorm room...I LOVED it!  I still get soo excited when it comes time for back to school and all of the organizing items are back!  Even though I am not in school right now it's a great time for anyone to jump in for the creative deals on organizing your home to your office.  Since I am going to be having a baby soon, I had packing on my radar and got this AMAZING weekend bag by Tommy Hilfiger for my BIG day using my $25 TJ Maxx card for this $49.99 bag and this was a steal...I think this would also be great for the college crowd for their weekend excursions.

Here are a few tips from the experts at TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

Students may find it difficult to decorate their room for the first time, but there are easy ways to add personal style and flare without breaking the bank.

·         Perk up a suite with coordinating bed spread, sheets and pillows that speaks to any student’s personal style. Try a bright , bold color or interesting pattern.
·         Add accessories like accent pillows, a bean bag for extra seating, conversational rug and matching laundry hamper to bring the whole look together.  Make studying more exciting by equipping a desk with great accessories like decorative lamps, colorful bulletin boards and desktop organizers. For all nighters in the library, pack laptops  in soft sided decorative cases.
·         And then, there’s the things students didn’t know they needed, but come in handy daily like stylish tool sets, ironing boards and more.

Whether their style is “Preppy Americana” or “Modern Minimalistic Chic” – T.J. Maxx and Marshalls have an amazing selection that will suite any student’s style! Beginning July 5th, both stores will be stocked with these must-haves and more for the dorm.

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