Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My new obsession: Deborah Lippmann nail polish

I have been searching for glitter nail polish since Hawaii and recently found exactly what I wanted at a fabulous nail salon called, Sundrops Nail Spot in Phoenix, AZ.  Deborah Lippmann is now my go-to glitter-ati nail polish now!:)  I recently bought Happy Birthday and Superstar.  The trick is to apply the first coat and wait 10-15 minutes and then add the second coat.  For Superstar I think you can do this alone and with one coat...but, with Happy Birthday it's definitely fun to put this on top of another color and you will need two coats.
Added bonus: The nail polish contains biotin~I take this vitamin to help my nails and hair grow...go figure!
Plus, check out the celeb-inspired colors!  There's one for SJP---I need that one!  It's sold out on the Deborah Lippman page, but you can find these colors at Barney's & Nordstrom, so good luck!

I love how my friend got her nails done here...all of the fingers are light pink and then, the thumb was a bright pink with Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippman.  GENIUS!


Luisa Verdee said...

It look so cute! But Im obsessed with black nails :P

LV oxox♥

On the Glam said...

I keep seeing this Happy Birthday glitter polish but I'm kinda intimidated. May need to save it up for New Year's...or halloween!