Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Windows I can't seem to close because I can't stop thinking about the particular, I figured I would share these items that I can't seem to let go of....we shall see if I buy any of them:)

Really cool find...I saw a handbag in the July issue of LUCKY mag and they didn't reference where to buy the, of course...I let curiosity get the best of me and found that the company, Urban Expressions has sample sale dates:

Visit us in our Los Angeles showroom located in the California Market Center (Los Angeles, CA) every last Friday of each month for our monthly sample sale. This is a chance to buy handbags that we have carried in the past as part of our line. Also featured are bags that we carry in our current line. And as a added bonus you can find specialty items that were never introduced to the public!

All bags are sold at wholesale price and there are no minimums!

I heart vintage...and I keep going after military styles...I guess it's that connection to the military...I will never join like my hubby wants me to, but I will keep on styling in their pieces:) Etsy seller: Erstwhilestyle
I forget where I first saw this bracelet...but, I am just in LOVE with tassel anything and to put it on a bangle is just genius...I also seem to be finding so many mags pointing to Chick Downtown for everything...doesn't this bracelet remind you of Hermes???