Monday, June 01, 2009

The Classic: Equestrian Style

With the whole polo excitement, I have been drawn back to the style side of things with Equestrian styling.  I have only ridden a horse once (but, I would like to do it more...)...but, I seem to always be drawn to the equestrian styling...and so it seems do the designers:)  I saw the handbag on Fred Flare and decided I would do a search for the word "Equestrian" on all of my fave sites and share my finds:)  Happy Riding:)
I love the stitching on this satchel.
Who can say no to riding boots??
I am so in love with this jacket!  Elbow detail is always a plus of course:)
These pants are so like the style I am looking for right now...Go through ShopStyle find specific brands or styles that you are looking for...they find everything!
I don't think I would ever wear all of these items together...maybe the jacket with a tee and jeans...the boots with skinny jeans and a tee...and the pants with a classic white blouse or a tee...but, never would look to like you are going to ride a horse:)