Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Search: A Men's White Oxford Shirt

I have been needing a plain white blouse for a while, but after styling my sister in hubbies white dress shirt and then seeing the fashionista of The Vintage Society rocking a top that she says was Lands End, a mere $23~I had to figure out what size I needed:) I am terrible with men's sizing...not my strongest point in my photo shoots---but, I am learning:) But, my dear friend Alanna responded on my facebook and shared some great tips that I had to share with everyone:)

Alanna's tips:

"the smallest is 14.5 neck up to sometimes 20, and the lengths are (32-33), (34-35), (36-37). it depends on how big you'd want it on you. A 16 is pretty big on me. go to kohl's they have some nice, inexpensive dress shirts and try some on. I think they even have some that are a fitted cut. lands end is a sears brand I can't remember if they carry it in their stores though."

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kcookski said...

i'm sad because i just gave away my one white oxford. guess i have to go shopping! lucky mag just had a video up on ways to style the white button-down. there were some really cute ideas. the style advisor area has been down for a few days, but you should check it out for even more inspiration.