Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Better Than Press On Nails---Lash Extensions by Gadabout Salon & Spa

I have finally experienced the two hour process to receive Nova Lash~eyelash extensions at Gadabout Salon and Spa (520-325-0000) by Andi! I fell asleep and even jumped, but it was the BEST experience ever. It makes you relax and then you awake like snow white feeling brand new. I no longer need to depend on mascara or a lash curler and everyone who has seen me so far say that my eyes literally POP:) I love it! This process is not like the type of lashes that you take off each night and reapply. This takes two hours because they are single lashes added to your very own lashes. You get fills every couple of weeks like you would your fingers nails. No mascara needed, unless you prefer to add a little more drama...but, you have to follow strict rules---no water proof mascara and you need to clean with items that have no glycols---which it so happens everything I have right now has:) No mascara or eye makeup for me yet;)
This is the real thing girls! Try this for special occasions or for everyday---it's worth it!