Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall Belt-It

The new way to wear a skinny belt: double up!  I LOVE the idea!  Use some from Forever and get a great affect.  Use one plain style belt and one with a great color or hardware detail.  
Just because...I saw someone wearing the AMAZING studded belt that SJP was wearing a couple of times in the movie yesterday and about went crazy!  When she told me it was sold for $195 at about 40 boutiques in the U.S. and are basically on pre-order only because so many people want it...I was like, there goes that belt...but, there is hope...which I am surprised I
 didn't realize before...Patricia Field sells the belt on her site for $120!  Sounds like a perfect Christmas gift!  Like Pat (Patricia Field) says on the extended version of the SATC movie that I just got today (hahaha I bought the wrong version the first copy I bought) she chose pieces that would be timeless, and if someone watched the movie 20 years later, they could still relate to the clothing.  I can see this belt lasting in my wardrobe for a very long time! 

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Renee said...

If you don't want to spend $120 you can also get the famous sex in the city belt at Forever 21 for 9.80 or Charlotte Russe for 12.99.